We are a class of fifth graders determined to protect our planet from too much garbage.  We recycle in many different ways.  This year, we collected over 24,000 water bottles, over 6,000 Capri Sun pouches, more than 13,000 plastic grocery bags, and over 12,000 alkaline batteries!

We began recycling after watching the Disney movie WALL-E.  If you've ever seen this movie, you know that the Earth had become so overrun with trash that the people had to leave it.  We didn't want this to ever happen.  That's why we started recycling. 

Did you know that many things that end up in landfills can be recycled?  Also, lots of the garbage can be bad for our environment!

We would love to teach you how to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle, Compost and Turn Your Trash Into Cash!  You'd be surprised how fun and easy it is to take care of the Earth.  Plus, it will make you feel good, people will respect you and you can make everyone come together!

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In just two months we collected over 12,000 alkaline batteries at our school.  This turned out to be a big problem when we realized that we would have to pay to dispose of them at the landfill.  What were we going to do with all those batteries!? 

We contacted our US Congressman, Steve Israel, and he has agreed to help us write legislation that will require stores who sell alkaline batteries to take them back.  We need you to write to your Congressman about this upcoming legislation.   Tell your Congressperson how bad batteries are if they end up in landfills and encourage him or her to vote "YES" when the bill comes up!  If you are willing to help, check out the page on Battery Disposal Legislation.

If you are a K-12 student who wants to help prevent our planet from overflowing with trash,  you are....A Recyclinator! 

Contact us and let us know who you are and we will make you an official Recyclinator.  We will also be glad to help you however we can.  It's about saving our planet and we can do that if we work together!

Great News!  We were very upset this year when we collected over 20,000 water bottles in just a few short months. It sounds great that we were recycling BUT we were disappointed that so many people were using disposable water bottles.  We even taste-tested students to find out if they could even tell the difference between tap and bottled water.  They couldn't!  We want kids to stop using disposable water bottles.  But how? We reached out for help in getting all the water bottles we needed and a  terrific company, Inspire Green Inc. has generously offered to supply us with enough REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES  for the WHOLE SCHOOL!  Visit their website at inspiregreeninc.com

Thanks Inspire Green Inc!



"Saving the Earth is easy!" -- Nicole G, Recyclinator

"We learned a lot about Going Green and it was fun too." -- Nicolette B, Reyclinator